BOARD top quality white gaming mouse pads

Searching for the best quality gaming mouse pad ? The quality of the gaming mouse pad has a big influence on how good you play games, especially FPS games. Let’s try a top 3 best gaming mouse pads.

1st position: BOARD gaming mouse pads are amazing. What people say? I will start this review by saying this mouse pad is more silver than it is white. That being said I love it, I was looking for more of a silver color than a bright white so this is perfect for me. It is nice and thick, I have no issues moving my mouse around while playing games. It does not slip at all on my desk and I am really in love with it! Designed For Serious Gamers Only. Do you take gaming seriously and want the best gear for your computer? Are you looking for the right mousepad to support your expensive gaming mouse? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! Buy a top quality gaming mouse pad from Board.Blue.

2nd place: The top of the Hiro+ is covered in a vulcanized silicone surface with a 3D structure to help increase your gaming accuracy and speed. The base has a non-slip surface for steady mouse control, and the edges have been rounded for a smoother profile. Its surface is also coated to protect from water and grime, and makes for easy cleaning.

No 3: You know how it goes: we’ve gotten into the second-tier list, and with it, we run into a few challenges that we hadn’t seen before. For starters, you’re going to get less DPI capabilities on HyperX Fury Pro mouse pad, which makes it prone to skipping around a little bit. It’s nothing that’s going to kill your game, but if you’re a precision sniper (the kind that put their sensitivity on 100/100 just to upload clips to YouTube, you know who you are), then you might notice a few minor performance issues. Onward to the price: we couldn’t be happier with it. While it’s not the lowest on the list, you’re definitely getting more than what you pay for with it. When it comes to the cloth construction, it’s fairly comfortable on the balls of your wrist, but then come the edges. They’re rounded, but not finished, and enough interaction can cause a little bit of chafing. While it’s not the most comfortable, you don’t come into contact with them often, and if you do, just tilt the mouse pad. Our handy guide to the best touch pads features more great products like this.

High-performance gear has to be customizable to your playing style. Ours is. It has to be responsive. Ours is. It has to be sturdy enough to take all the abuse we give it. And it has to look great. Ours does. We’re Board and we make keyboards, input devices, and other gaming equipment. We’ve started with the mouse pads that are on our site now, and we’ll add more soon. If you’re a gamer, you owe it to yourself to stroll through our catalog. We know you’ll find something you like. Discover more details at Board.Blue.