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Buy the best Valorant accounts? If you’re not sure how the Act Rank Badge triangles work, here’s a rough outline. Every time you play a match in an Act, your Rank Act badge will be filled with a new triangle representing the rank you played in. As you progress up the ranks, new triangles representing higher-ranked matches will replace the lower-ranked matches. The border for the badge will also change based on the number of wins you achieve in that rank. For some, their badge at the end of an act will look pretty colourful, but for those at the top dominating Radiant, expect to see a solid gold triangle. In Episode 1 you were only awarded triangles for winning matches, but from Episode 2 onward you are awarded a triangle based on the rank you end a match with, regardless of the outcome. A triangle that contains different coloured triangles that represent your overall rank in Valorant.

Valorant also uses a matchmaking rating system, known as MMR, to rate players in ranked. Every player will have a number associated with their account that adjusts over time – putting them in and out of ranks as they get better. Valorant Episode 3 introduced sweeping improvements and changes to matchmaking in ranked, such as better matchmaking accuracy, and adjustments to players’ Ranked Rating curves to make climbing and falling down the ranks “less volatile”.

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Valorant is all set to get a new update and new act next week and before the official announcement, the details of the contents seem to have been revealed already. The Battle Pass, free items, a new Fracture map, price, and release date seem to have been revealed already. According to a report by IGN India, Episode 3 Act 2 of Valorant is set to release on September 8. The developers have also released a teaser of the upcoming Fracture map which shows us glimpses of what to expect from it.