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PUBG live streams app? Justin is a former Counter-Strike Global Offensive professional same as Shroud. Both are friends for a long time and have played and streamed games together quite often. In terms of skill Justin can be considered similar to Shroud, he’s a phenomenal player. Despite being a streamer Justin is as good as the professional PlayerUnknown’s Battleground player.

Pro games players news : Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist is our second Fortnite player who started his career as a professional esports player in August 2018. In his first year as a pro nyhrox earned only $3,660.29, yet he more than made up with his earnings in 2019, which saw him pocked over $1.5 million. Just like as it was the case with EpikWhale, the majority of nyhrox’s earnings came from the inaugural Fortnite World Cup tournament where he claimed the golden medal at Fortnite World Cup – Duo alongside his teammate David “Aqua” Wang.

Like Panda, Atro also has a second youtube channel called Atro Plus. Most of his content is in Arabic, and like some other streamers, he uses a mobile emulator to play the game. Astro is a talented player with commendable sniper skills. Further, when playing with ARs and machine guns he prefers to charge rather than hold back and get kills from a distance. This makes him one of the most exciting gamers online. When it comes to gaming skill, Levinho is probably the best PUBG Mobile gamer in this list. He has a high level of accuracy and an intense rushing tendency which makes his highlights exhilarating to watch. Further, he doesn’t use an emulator and is one of the most dynamic, if not the best PUBG player in the world. Watching his highlights is like watching a bully toy with his prey, and the way he goes about fooling and trolling his opponents is simply a joy to watch.

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Viss takes a really aggressive stance in Battlegrounds, and watching him offers a lot of good opportunities to learn how strong players handle the game. Viss takes the fight to his enemies almost all the time, relying on skills to win fights rather than camping or taking battles slow. He’s also pretty good at predicting where people are going to be and what they’re going to do, providing ample opportunity for getting good at some of the tougher-to-learn aspects of PUBG. Luminosity Gaming H1Z1: King of the Kill player Ninja is one of the funniest PUBG streamers on Twitch, adding stream-of-consciousness ridiculousness to squad games. Though he may be better known for playing pro-level Halo, he’s made the jump to the “Battle Royale” esports circuit, and seems poised to become a major contender in Battlegrounds. Mostly, though, it’s Ninja’s banter that makes his channel so much fun to watch.