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A big surprise of this century is the e-Sports phenomenon. In the past gamers were ridiculed. Today they are earning more that sports people and gamers championships have better ratings than old sports. So here are some latest e-sports news. Topic of the day: Cs:go esports news on

North America will account for $345 million of this generated revenue, while China will generate $164 million. Global esports viewers will total 380 million in 2018. This can be broken down into 165 million esports enthusiasts and 215 million occasional viewers. In 2017, there were 588 major esports events that generated an estimated $59 million in ticket revenues. The largest prize pool was over $25 million Dota 2 International 2018 holds the record for the largest prize pool in esports history, offering $25,532,177.00 to the winner. The total prize money of all esports events held in 2017 was over $112 million. Smaller esports events are also available and tend to be easier to access and cheaper. You can find out about these through social media groups, gaming conventions and through specific gaming communities. Read more info on eSports Tournaments.

“Gaming is no longer just a form of entertainment. There are legitimate careers to pursue within this industry, but the paths aren’t always clear,” explained N3rd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio. “This premier esports facility will give Rowan University students and the surrounding community the opportunity to learn both technical and professional skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.” “Rowan will work collaboratively with NSG to develop curricula relating to the esports industry, establish internship opportunities, and create club and varsity-level teams,” reports Rowan Today. Through internships both on and off-campus, student-gamers will receive “hands-on training and knowledge in a variety of fields that will prepare them to become leaders in technology, engineering, business, computer programming and even broadcasting as it applies to this emerging industry.” Also in development are certificate programs that will provide students and professionals with credentials and training to work in the esports industry.

With headlines like these, it’s tough to deny the popularity, growth, and influence of esports. Now that esports has everyone’s attention, colleges and universities across the country now believe that esports will play a crucial role in their identities. So in addition to developing a formal esports program, most colleges plan to offer highly coveted scholarships as an investment in the growth of their student bodies and programs.

The fans may have been siding with the underdog, but it mattered little to G2 as they rattled off two quick victories to take the semifinal 2-0 and move into the final against Team Empire, the team that had won Group B and then beaten Team Liquid and PET Nora-Rengo to reach this stage of the competition. If G2 Esports started the final with a partisan crowd against them, by the end of it they had won the crowd over thanks to their brilliant display as they dismantled a good Team Empire in stunning fashion. The match hinged on a fabulous first game, which G2 snatched 12-10 in overtime and Empire never recovered from that as G2 pushed home that advantage in clinical fashion, winning the final two maps 7-4 and then 7-1 to land another astonishing and accomplished victory. Visit: